Client Solution 2 - Sales Effectiveness Inc.  Training, Sales,
and Productivity iPhone and iPad Apps


"Larry Brambrut is a dedicated and highly capable iPhone / iPad applications developer. He has now developed three apps for our company and we have been impressed with the nearly "bug-free" work he produces. Our apps are reliable and dependable, doing the job they were designed to do. We are now moving into mobile learning and Larry and his company is instrumental in this new initiative. Responsive and a strong editor -- he's a great person to be around. I strongly endorse Larry's work."

Carlos Quintero
President - Sales Effectiveness Inc.

Customer Background

Sales Effectiveness, Inc. focuses solely on helping Senior Executives drive excellence and accelerate growth for their sales forces.  Since 1997, Sales Effectiveness, Inc. has become famous for helping our customers build high performance sales teams.

The Challenge

Sales Effectiveness, Inc. (SEI) wants to balance the delivery of customized on-site training and coaching with providing high tech selling tools.  In the area of mobile applications, SEI was looking for three types of iPhone and iPad applications.

1.    An iPhone app to promote SEI’s offerings in concert with the information on the SEI Website.
2.    Automate the Sales Lexicon book in an iPhone app
3.    Create a post-training reinforcement iPad app for their top selling PEERS training course for new salespeople.

The Solution

VeryMobileApps was hired to provide all three applications.

SEI Promotional App

The SEI promotional app contains videos, podcasts, books, articles, newsletters, and links to SEI information.  It also has the ability to subscribe people to the SEI newsletter with integration to iContact.


Sales Lexicon

The Sales Lexicon is an iPhone app as an alternative to Sales Lexicon pocketbook. A well-written dictionary devoted exclusively to the sales profession!

Packed with hundreds of common terms, phrases, acronyms, sales practices and insights, this App offers concise definitions of important concepts and essential language used by professional sales organizations.

The Sales Lexicon was designed to help sales professionals reduce the time it takes to learn and become competent in the terminology of selling in order to build skills mastery.

Think about it.  When one begins their sales career, they acquire and learn a set of words that build their strengths as sales pros.  New salespeople and even experienced salespeople are often taken aback by all the specialty language that exists. Research confirms that establishing a common language is integral to success and continuous improvement in sales.

To help with this challenge, this dictionary presents clear definitions of important terms used in many sales organizations. It can also serve as a guide to many of the important concepts in selling.

We are working on a “Related Terms” section for applicable terms in the dictionary will be included in a future update.


PEERS Training Reinforcement iPad App

What is PEERS?
Whether one is new to the selling profession, or a seasoned veteran, PEERS will help salespeople discover and revitalize their commitment to selling.  The PEERS program offers participants the opportunity to develop and apply critical sales skills - those identified as making the difference between highly effective sales professionals and average performers.

The PEERS name and acronym - Position, Explore, Educate, Recommend, Satisfy - was deliberately selected to convey the customer expectation that the sales interaction will be a collaborative, side-by-side experience. The focus of the interaction is on the customer, and the customer is a PEER or equal. The role of the salesperson is to engage the customer in the interaction in ways that encourage both to work together to solve business issues.

PEERS provides salespeople with the skills that help them align with their customer's business requirements as a basis for doing business with your organization.

The PEERS iPad App is intended as a continuous learning tool for use after attending the PEERS training course.  It is packed with documents, videos, review quizzes, a questions database and a Call Planning tool.  The app provides a convenient way to refresh the salesperson’s memory of the concepts for PEERS when and where they need it.