VerySmart™ Playbook for Sellers


The VerySmart Playbook for Sellers iPad app is a productivity toolset that
integrates product marketing and sales training  into an easy to use, just-in-time mobile application to enable sales teams to close more deals, faster, and with higher revenue outcomes.




VerySmart Playbook for Sellers includes an integrated set of functions for Marketing to:

  • Display product presentations, documents, and price lists
  • Play audio and video files
  • Provide tools such as calculators, price comparisons, job aids, and internet resources
  • Deliver a searchable glossary of specific and related terms.

Sales Training


VerySmart™ Playbook for Sellers provides training functions such as:

  • Display of training manuals, videos, e-learning
  • Quizzes to assess on-going learning
  • Achievement reporting (by email or database updates)

Sales Information and Data


VerySmart™ Playbook for Sellers provides the ability to deliver custom pre-developed forms
for each of your products and/or product lines:

  • Product literature requests
  • Comprehensive call planners
  • Note-taking
  • Other custom forms
  • Form data can be emailed and/or be posted to a database.


Sales Content Management


VerySmart™ Playbook for Seller's content platform can be configured in three ways;
on-line, off-line, or synchronized. For example:

  • On-line: Infrequently needed documents can be displayed only when the Internet
    is available to save app download time and iPad storage.
  • Off-line: Important sales information can be stored inside the app so it is always
    available for use regardless of Internet availability.
  • Synchronized: Documents like price lists that are important but change 
    frequently can be updated in the app on a time schedule to keep them fresh.



Enhance productivity, get information faster, generate higher revenue, 
and get better customer engagement with the VerySmart™ Playbook for Sellers iPad App.

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