Please ask about special pricing for Version 2.0 Beta!

Pricing is in two parts: Content Creation and Maintenance and the VerySmart™ Playbook Software License.

Content creation and maintenance:  Content creation and maintenance depends on how much of the content already exists, what needs to be created, where will the content be stored, and who will maintain it. We create a custom quote for this service on a per project basis.

VerySmart™ Playbook Software License: Software licenses are provided based on an annual license fee for each enterprise.  The fee is based on the projected number of users of the app.

What is included?

1. The VerySmart™ Playbook App for iPad with all the currently available components:

  • Introductory Video section.
  • Playbook section with documents, Knowledge Checks (quizzes), note taking, Knowledge Check Reporting and Emailing.
  • Tools/Job Aids section for data entry forms and documents
  • Video library section with YouTube player
  • Note taking section including Notes Reporting and Emailing.
  • Glossary section:  Include your glossary of terms and related terms.
  • Help section:  How to use the app, feedback email, and About this app info.

2. Continuous maintenance and updates for iOS releases, bug fixes, product enhancements, and new features. You can choose which new features you want to implement and when.

3. Email and Phone Support: Monday-Friday 8am - 6pm Eastern US.  After hours support contract available for an additional fee.

4. Special rates for custom iOS application development.